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Wantable Fitness Edit 2016

Wantable Fitness Edit 2016 Styled |

New Year, New You. I’m sure we’ve heard that phrase more times than we could count, especially around this time of year. I’ve been pretty realistic with my goals and ‘resolutions’ for 2016, choosing to keep them vague enough that I won’t be disappointed come New Years Eve when I haven’t achieved as much as I thought I might.

One such resolution was purely to make sure I stay more active. I sit in front of a desk 9-5 Monday through Friday, and the most exercise I see in that time is moving from my chair over to the fridge to grab a salad. If I’m lucky I’ll take the trip to Starbucks just for a coffee and to stretch my legs, but it’s a 40 minute round trip that I sometimes just can’t afford to spend away from my computer. With a determined husband backing my corner, we both pledged we’d go to the gym at least 3 times a week. We even started well before 2016 hit so we weren’t one of the ‘newbies’ that drop off shortly after resolutions have really hit home. November saw us working up a sweat, and it’s now February and we’re eating better and starting to see those hard-earned results. Then I was contacted by Wantable, whom I’d worked with once before to trial their beauty box when they were starting to branch out into the UK. This time it was to trial their Fitness Edit, granting a stylist reign to choose items based on a sort questionnaire for $20. If you like what you get you can keep them permanently, using the $20 styling fee as complimentary credit and send back anything you’re not into (after you try them on for 5 days) in the pre-paid envelope.

Being 100% honest with my readers, there was a problem with my first box. Nothing that came was appropriate and I was left deflated, taking to Twitter to voice my concerns. Like a flash the Wantable team were on it and not long after I was speaking to my personal stylist who asked me a lot more in-depth questions to try and suss out my fitness style. Say what you will about them, but their customer service is second to none! So after some back and forth, a second box was mailed out and arrived only a few days ago.

Wantable Fitness Edit 2016 |

Lole Unite Cardigan in White - $100
I had said that I’m a black and white girl when it comes to gym wear. But I was still a little disappointed with the white cardigan, as I’d said I definitely lean more to black as I feel much more comfortable in it. When I put it on, it was very soft and would actually have been something I’d consider wearing if it hadn’t been so transparent. Obviously the lighter a piece of clothing, the better for the gym but I just couldn’t see how I’d feel being seen in something that shows off what I’m wearing underneath, which could have been forgiven had it not been for the excessive markup.

Glider Uptown High Waisted Pant in Black - $74
I really wanted to like these, they fit perfectly everywhere but the ankles. These are slightly bell-bottomed for low intensity exercises, which means they’re not what you go running on a treadmill with. If you’re into Yoga on a more frequent basis, these would be perfect. Plus the little silver logo on the back of the knee was such a cute touch, so I’ll be looking to see if there’s something more fitting for me in the same range.

Lukka Lux Stella Tank in Black - $48
Initially I thought this top would not suit me at all. Having larger breasts on a smaller frame means finding the right fit on a top is challenging, and sometimes you can just tell when something isn’t going to sit right. I was wrong! Not only is the fabric so beautifully soft and airy, but the fit was perfect. It came in at all the right places and covered up my lower half without clinging to problem areas.

Rese Lori Legging in Dark Heather Grey - $88
The colour of these leggings was perfect. They were almost full length, but very flattering. There was even a secret pocket in the front for storing your keys! But then I clocked the ruching and had to despair. I recalled specifically telling my stylist that I didn’t like all the extra detailing and faff that goes into a lot of gym clothing as it always jacks the price up and can look too busy.

Cory Vines The Path Crop Leggings in Onyx - $49
Super simple, great colour, fantastic stretch with a pull that gives a straight silhouette. I was impressed with these leggings, and the addition of the secret pocket which always comes in handy when you don’t have somewhere to store your essentials. I just couldn’t part with the $49 price tag, despite them being exactly the kind of thing I was after.

In all, I think the re-work of the box wasn’t a success. My stylist listened to a few of the things I’d said, but I don’t know just how it got lost in translation. Despite this, it has given me restored faith in exactly what I like for my activewear and has inspired me to continue hitting the gym in hopes my confidence will improve enough to want a little colour. It may not have been perfect for me, but I did enjoy the surprise of my fussiness being shown to me in fashion form, and for $20 you’re gaining a valuable experience in what is truly your style. The Fitness Edit can help inspire your fitness goals, whether you click ‘buy’ on the shopping cart or send it all back.

Have you tried a service like this before? Would you give it a whirl?

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Received Wantable credit to review an edit, all opinions are my own.
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