Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tahoe and the SWIG Flask

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There’s something magical about Tahoe in California. I’d been once before for a romantic getaway, but the snow had melted off, and the lake was looking despairingly low. This time, we were invited by friends to ring in the new year in a cabin in the woods, soaking in the atmosphere and hiking until we collapsed in an exhausted heap by the fire. It was probably the best time I’ve had for a New Year’s Eve.

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January 1st, we took to the mountains, bundling up in our warmest outdoor gear with a view to reach the summit if we could. A little worse for wear from the night before, we took it easy. Laughing, play fighting in the snow, and generally making fools of ourselves. Along the route we made sure to take turns and chug down from of the Whiskey we’d brought along for the journey. I hadn’t had an opportunity to use my SWIG Flask until that day, and it definitely looked the part out there in the wilderness. At 170ml we got about four or five shots in before it was full, meaning we all had enough fire in our bellies to keep us warm, but not enough to start NYE part II. The day it had shown up in the post, I marvelled at the beautiful packaging. This isn’t your average ‘comedy’ flask, this is a delight to own, yet would benefit from coming with a funnel as standard. We had quite the task of getting the whiskey in without spilling too much! But it was worth it for the views, the company, and the fuzzy feeling.

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I’m sure the SWIG Flask will be coming on a fair few adventures to come.

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Received SWIG Flask complimentary for review, all opinions my own.
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