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Influenster Jingle Voxbox

Jingle Voxbox |

Okay, I know, I know, it’s not Christmas anymore. It’s February now and I’m harping on about a box from Influenster called the Jingle Voxbox! But, I didn’t receive it until about a week or two into January, so you’ll have to excuse the lateness. Yet, who doesn’t love a little festive cheer after the holidays? Just me…?

Getting stuck in, there were some real gems in this box but then some things I’m not really head over heels about. I feel like I should start with what didn’t get me overly excited; Ore-Ida Tater Tots Coupon. I’m sure this thrilled a few people, but I don’t eat tater tots and I’ve been sticking to a much healthier diet since November. It’s been given to my in-laws in the hopes that it’ll be used and enjoyed! Then I had been a little excited knowing that there was going to be an Itty Bittys in my box during the lead up to it arriving. I saw some people had received Spiderman or Olaf (which I would have adored), but I was given a Rapunzel which is just a little girly for me. Disheartening as I don’t even have anyone I can give it to, and I am crazy about the little BB-8 and Rainbow Brite editions.

Enough of the downers though, I’m ready to talk AWESOME. I’ve had a few pairs of KISS lashes before, and these are simply stunning. Made from natural hair, they give real volume and look more natural than most falsies on the market. The addition of the KISS strip lash adhesive with Aloe was an interesting touch. I’ve found that wearing false lashes with contact lenses can sometimes leave my eyes highly irritable even just a few hours after applying them. Until recently I’d been using another brand, but the fact this is hypoallergenic and sports the ‘contact lens friendly’ label has made this a go-to. It doesn’t even smell like most lash glues out there, which was a welcome change, and it’s pure black which means that it hides my terrible application technique. I figured I could start using eyeliner in a grungier fashion, so the NYC New York Color City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil is just the right kind of soft liner to use. The colour is a soft brown, so it pairs better with being smoothed over the lids than a black one would. If you want a fine point, I’d stick to liquid, this is easy to apply but doesn’t do sharp lines well.

Hidden in the box was a little tub of Cetaphil, a real lifesaver in the winter. Despite it being California and ‘sunny’ all the time, the last few weeks have seen a real cold streak with rain and wind aplenty. Add to that how hard the water is here, you’re looking at a recipe for perpetually dry skin. I love applying this moisturiser, within seconds it’s seeped in, doesn’t leave a greasy residue and lasts for hours. I’ve taken to putting on a thick layer before I drift off at night so I wake up with baby skin the next day. If I’m not using it on my face, I’m applying it to my cuticles ready to apply a new nail colour. Pretty handy when I discovered a beautiful shade of blue from Pure Ice called French Kiss. Application is a little harder with darker colours, but it means that after just one coat it would appear passable from a distance. Two coats is certainly all it takes, and it dries fairly quickly.

The final, but probably favourite, item in the box were three packets of Biscoff cookies. I actually used to buy these most weeks back when I lived in the UK, they were inexpensive and tasted great with a cup of tea but also with coffee. They have an almost mild spicy flavour (due to the cinnamon) to them which I adore, and I find it very difficult to stop at just one or two. Despite the healthy eating, the husband and I like to snuggle under the duvet with a couple of these with a good movie and a steaming hot cuppa. Yum!

Do you have any of the items in the Jingle Voxbox?

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