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JORD Cora Koa & Rose Gold Wood Watch

JORD Cora Koa & Rose Gold $275

I recall my first watch, a Flik and Flak masterpiece with brightly coloured straps and those loveable characters used to help you learn when it was time to have lunch or time to go to bed. Let’s face it, we all complained for those extra 15 minutes to finish up whatever glitter creation we had going down… just me? From there, I can’t count the amount of novelty Disney timepieces I’ve had. I shortly transitioned to more ‘adult’ watches, mainly sticking to smaller faces with the thinnest straps. Once my phone became attached to my hip, I abandoned most of my watches, only ever wearing them as fashion statements. One thing is for certain, telling time has certainly changed over the years.

Then I was contacted by JORD, a US based company specialising in creating beautiful, sustainable and functional timepieces from untreated wood. Modelled after a modern lifestyle, JORD values efficiency and experimental living while crafting some of the most elegant watches you’ll see to date. As they say, “Moments are bigger than minutes, and your watch should tell more than time”, and if the last year has taught me anything it’s that time is what you make of it. After much deliberation and bargaining with my inner self I decided on the Cora series, finally landing on the gorgeous Koa and Rose Gold variant. Who can say no to that dark wood grain and the perfectly complimenting watch face? I’m talking all the heart-eyed emojis right here. My husband is equally in love with his 746 Dark Sandalwood & Maple JORD watch. It goes perfectly with his Harley riding gear, and it’s been taken on more than a few fishing trips. If I knew I could keep it on my wrist, I’d be taking it on a few excursions of my own…

JORD 746 Dark Sandalwood & Maple $295

Everything from the ordering process was simple and made all the sweeter by completing your wrist measurement, ensuring your JORD watch arrives on your doorstep ready to wear. The packaging has been crafted down to the last detail, encasing the watch in a box fit for such a natural beauty. Sliding the wooden top off you find details on how to start your watch, along with the watch itself, tastefully presented on a ‘tweed’ cushion for storage when you’re not wearing it. Which, for me, has not been one day since it arrived!

After gazing at it in lust, I undid the sturdy clasp and clipped it on. I was surprised at just how lightweight it was for something made mostly of wood, and at how comfortable I found it to wear. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to take leather watches off because they started to dig in or feel awkward to wear after more than a few hours. I wore my Koa and Rose Gold JORD watch to a weekend with friends in a Cabin in Santa Cruz. It survived the beach, trekking through the woods, and copious drinks with friends until the early hours. My main concern was getting it wet at any point, knowing the wood was untreated and can expand when wet, so I made sure to keep it out of the water. It should also be noted that I kept it out of the sun as much as possible, to preserve the stunning finish on the wood. Swarovski crystal markers adorn the rose gold face, which looks truly dazzling in natural light.

As for the makeup of the watch itself? For those who are extra sensitive to certain materials it’s worth mentioning that not only are the clasps made from stainless steel (for those with metal allergies), but the wood is hypoallergenic. A real win for those like myself who find themselves reactive to pretty much everything! It’s also super easy to keep your JORD watch clean, a simple swiping of lemon oil and it’s back in tip-top condition. Sapphire glass is used for most all JORD watches, which means you’re going to have a tough time scratching it up. This watch has already been through plenty of tree scrapes and nicks, but the glass looks good as new. Can you tell that I really put my pieces through their paces yet? If you’re an outdoorsy type, you don’t have to worry that these won’t keep up with you. Sure they’re beautiful, but they’re equally as resilient. Talking about the watch wouldn’t be complete until we give a tip of the hat to self-winding automatic mechanical movement that gives the watch life. A quick peek behind the ‘hood’ and you can see all the glorious goings on, and it’s really a sight to see. When you first set the watch up, you give it 6-7 turns before setting the time (which is all explained in the instructions) and this miraculous bit of technology keeps the watch wound as long as you’re using it for at least 8 hours a day. The mind boggles!


The watches themselves range from $120-295, but worth every penny. This is an accessory that goes with most everything I own, and has seen some real wear over the last few weeks. It makes a wonderful investment piece or a generous gift for loved ones for a special occasion. I'm feeling like I need one in every colour now! Which is the perfect opportunity for you to get 10% off any JORD watch with the code latenightnonsense. Happy shopping!

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