Wednesday, 26 August 2015

JORD Cora Koa & Rose Gold Wood Watch

JORD Cora Koa & Rose Gold $275

I recall my first watch, a Flik and Flak masterpiece with brightly coloured straps and those loveable characters used to help you learn when it was time to have lunch or time to go to bed. Let’s face it, we all complained for those extra 15 minutes to finish up whatever glitter creation we had going down… just me? From there, I can’t count the amount of novelty Disney timepieces I’ve had. I shortly transitioned to more ‘adult’ watches, mainly sticking to smaller faces with the thinnest straps. Once my phone became attached to my hip, I abandoned most of my watches, only ever wearing them as fashion statements. One thing is for certain, telling time has certainly changed over the years.