Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Beach Bag Essentials


With my Vegas trip in full swing, I’m all about what’s in my beach bag. I always pack way too much and I had to drastically reduce that for this trip. My return flight has a no baggage policy and I’m staying for 10 days so that means essentials only! I can already hear my inner ‘beauty’ goddess crying out for all my lotions and potions. My tips for packing light for a day at the beach, by the pool or in the desert are to choose multifunctional items.

Gone are the days where I’d bring along a bikini for every day of the week. I find investing in one staple piece is so much more beneficial, and means you can style it up with accessories, giving yourself a fresh look each day for a fraction of the price and effort! I’m enthralled by the Naja Taylor Crisscross Monokini, as it’s not only made from recycled plastic (hello, added buoyancy anyone? No...) but it’s got such a daring silhouette. Paired with a simple white coverup that doubles as an evening dress, and you’ve got an outfit that can last days with the right necklace or pair of sunnies.

I’ve reached an age in my life where I’m not constantly fussing over making sure I have a full face of makeup at all times. Relaxing by the water calls for the super minimal, and the only thing I tend to wear still is mascara. Investing in a quality waterproof mascara means you can go swimming and sweat away in the midday heat without fear of looking like a horror movie extra.

Lastly, among the soothing spray lotions, hair ties and Lena Dunham novel, is my secret ingredient to feeling sexy while sunning it up. Nothing beats taking a travel vial of your favourite perfume and giving yourself a spritz throughout the day. Not only will it leave you perfectly fragranced, it’s like an ego boost in spray form. It works wonders for me, and I tell anyone I can about doing the same, you’d be surprised when you’re turning heads all because of that extra little spring in your step.

Do you have something you have to pop in your bag to perk you up?

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