Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Getting Married!


It’s been a little while since I’ve properly done much to the blog, so I thought I’d update you all on the current goings on in my life since I was active. It feels good to be writing again, even if it might be somewhat sporadic while I find my footing once more.

As a lot of you may know through Instagram and Twitter, I’m getting married! It’s a fairly crazy social media story that led to this point, but I must precede it with being so utterly happy that I want to burst. It’s the most wonderful feeling. Clayton makes me strive to work harder, be a better person and makes me feel good despite my insecurities. We met about 3/4 years ago on Instagram, I can’t recall if I’d liked one of his pictures or if it was the other way around, but it definitely started a connection where we’d comment back and forth every so often. After my breakup, I was more than a little broken, and Clayton messaged me out of the blue using Instagram inbox, and we clicked so well that we exchanged phone numbers. All harmless fun as he lived in sunny California and I was stuck in drizzly Oxford, yet the conversation was engaging and I felt more alive when I spoke with him. Suddenly I got a panic feeling after a few weeks of talking to him that this could potentially be a catfish situation—MTV has ruined me! I sent him a picture with his name on, and I was relieved when I received one back with my own. From there, we Skyped most days for hours, he would be the first thing I’d think about in the morning and the last person I’d text before I went to sleep. The 8 hour time difference was the hardest part, but we made it work. I already had a flight booked to Florida to see some friends, but they were going to be busier than I anticipated, so I made a few adjustments to my schedule and would be spending 2 weeks with him, arriving at San Francisco airport in October of last year. Those 2 weeks were perfect, and it was only a few weeks before he was making his first trip out of the country to visit me. He spent 10 days with me and my family, and I made sure to pack as much into the trip as possible. We went to London and even got to explore Paris for a mini-break. When he went home, I was crushed, I knew it would be a good while before I’d see him again.

Fast forward to February of this year, and I had organised to make full use of my 3 month VWP to stay with my best friend in North Carolina and see more of California and the rest of America with my boy. He thought I was getting a greyhound bus from NC to CA, arriving on the 16th of February. I had in fact booked a flight in to surprise him for Valentine’s Day, and his best friend help organise everything to get him there without suspicion. The re-uniting was amazing, and we went on to just enjoy each others company for a while before travelling around.

Unfortunately on March 4th his Newfoundland dog, Beau, got hit by a car. This shook us both up a fair bit, and put a stopper on our travelling plans. Luckily, Beau recovered from the collision, but is still going through rehabilitation to get his front left leg to work below the shoulder. It was after this life changing event that we both decided we couldn’t be without each other. The rest is fairly sweet history, but Clayton very beautifully gave me a surprise proposal on Saturday in front of all his friends and family while we were enjoying a BBQ. He’s so kind and caring, knowing that I never got an official proposal, so him dropping to one knee made my heart flutter and filled me with such joy.

It’s going to be hard living without seeing my family for a good while, but we plan on making as regular trips back to the UK as we can. I’m still riding on a high from all the excitement, and we’re both looking forward to a bright and happy future together.

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