Monday, 29 December 2014

Roger & Gallet Laits Sorbet Body Lotions

Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbets £14.00

I'll be honest, I'm crap with getting out the body lotion after a shower or a long, relaxing bath. My issue has always been that the benefits seemed such a long way off that putting in that extra 10 minutes hardly seemed worth it. Cue a monumental eureka moment of, "your skin looks like a 40 year old woman" and I've taken drastic action! Enter the slightly dreamy Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbets.

24 hour hydration was the main selling point for me. My skin gets so dehydrated that your average body butter just doesn't seem to cut it. I can apply first thing in the morning and my skin is still feeling silky smooth by the evening, which is more than I have ever asked for in a body lotion. The Bois d'Orange provides lifts the mood while the Gingembre stimulates the mind, so I can easily switch up my application based in my mood. The aloe vera and avocado oil soothes every inch of skin, which has been a real lifesaver when allergies flare up. The presence of meadowfoam oil means the lotion glides onto the skin and sinks in without hanging around making clothes stick and tempers rise. I've been able to get dressed immediately after application, negating the 'puppet' stance usually reserved for last minute fake tan! Additionally the micro-pearls leave a luminous glow to the skin, which is wonderfully subtle and does miracles under the Christmas lights!

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