Wednesday, 31 December 2014

imPress by Broadway Nails

imPress by Broadway Nails £5.99

What better time to test out a set of press on nails than with a trip away? Late October I visited San Francisco and knew I'd be rushing about so much that I wouldn't get a moment to get my nails done. So, I slipped a case of the imPress by Broadway Nails kits into my carry on luggage. A couple of days into chipped nail polish and in desperate need of a refresh, I pull the kit from my bag and get about prepping my nails to put them on. It's a simple process, simply pulling the tab and applying equal pressure for a few seconds to each nail individually. In as little as 5 minutes I've got a full set of French manicured nails that look as good as the real thing. Jump to me climbing Yosemite Falls, shooting guns at the range and fishing off Port Costa. I put them through the wringer for the time I had them on, and there were a few causality here and there. The wear time of 2 weeks I thought was fairly ambitious, but they were pretty great for a few days at the very least. If you're looking for nails for a night out or a big event, these are ideal. If you're looking for nails that stand the test of time? Then a traditional manicure route is always going to be your best bet. Let's face it, who can make false nails from a kit last longer than a few days? I absolutely adored the look of them and they were so handy to keep in my bag. They got a fair few compliments, and I'll be picking up a few  more packs for my upcoming trips.

What are your experiences of using press on nails? What brands do you recommend?

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