Friday, 3 October 2014

Stealing Summer Sun

Stealing-Summers-Sun Stealing-Summers-Sun-Body Stealing-Summers-Sun-Face

Autumn is well and truly with us, and the time spent sunning it up all seem but a distant memory now. Fear not! I have a few sure fire ways to bring the sunshine back into our lives and make your colleagues wonder if you've been jetting off to warmer climes on your weekends.

After a good exfoliating session, a spray with Fake Bake Faux Glo leaves a very natural and healthy golden colour. I'm not exactly the best at applying fake tan, and prefer to look like Morticia Addams over a Californian beach bunny, but even this I can get to grips with. The ease of a spray can with the staying power of a foam, and you can even turn the can 350 degrees to get those hard to reach areas without fear of it clogging up. I've been attempting this wash out tan on my legs at every given opportunity. And this is where a little prep to the face can work wonders. Time Bomb Cosmetics Holiday in a Bottle pumps out a fairly unusual grey mix that, once blended, releases colour gradually and evenly, making for the ideal base to set your makeup on. I can't help but quickly buff this in every morning and trick myself that it's warmer outside than it is! Then, no post-holiday skin would be complete without a little of The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil for Body & Hair. After every application I'm searching for my piña colada!

For a glowing complexion, I've been turning to Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation. This doesn't cling to any dry patches and lets the tanner shine through without fear of undoing all my hard work. The staying power is my biggest bugbear with foundations, and this passes with flying colours. Lastly, a dusting of The Body Shop Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder adds a shimmer to the hollows of the cheeks. I love the no mess tube with attached brush, making it so simple to pop in my bag for touch ups.

What are your top tips for keeping a glow all year round?

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