Friday, 10 October 2014

Religion Sunglasses

Religion-Sunglasses-Wearing Religion-Sunglasses-Detail Religion-Sunglasses

Sunglasses are my absolute staple on an everyday basis. I own more pairs than I could count and the obsession is only set to grow with some of the on trend styles we've seen the high street replicating over the summer. Currently I'm crushing over my Religion frames that give a subtle nod to tradition British style. I wasn't 100% on the shape working with my face at first, but these beauties haven't left my head in about a month! I wore them to Fashion Week, they've been on gig outings, and I'll be making the most of them before the last of that sun is replaced with overcast skies and heavy downpour. I adore the way they sit on the face (although I had to adjust the feet to get them to work on me as they protruded a little too far for my taste) and the keyhole bridge for the nose gets constant praise. I feel like an old school mod rocker when I have these on if I'm dressed I down in my tshirt and jeans, but can also pull off high fashion with ease. Stylish yet practical, these sunnies have been stopping my squinting and preventing those crows feet rearing their ugly head while blocking out the UV rays from my sensitive eye area.

I love ordering from because everything is handled with such ease and in such a shirt period of time, my glasses are on my doormat. Definitely a staple for my trip to America at the end of the month. I'm already eyeing up a few more pairs of prescription glasses, so my collection is set to grow!

What do you think of this retro style?

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