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Beauty Products for your Carryon

Beauty Products for your Carryon

Packing 2 weeks of your life up into a suitcase that can barely fit your socks and curling iron In can be quite daunting. But when you've successfully managed to get all your clothes in order, what about your beauty stash? 100ml limits and scarily small clear bags make the average beauty obsessive want to run for the hills! Fear not, I've got some handy packing tips to make your security nightmares a thing of the past.

The tinted lip balm 
Keeping your lips moisturised while adding a hint of colour means you'll be able to double your efforts for daytime looks. This is an essential when you're up in the skies and your lips are feeling like the Sahara desert.

The styling saviour
I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to be doing when I'm on holiday is spending hours trying to sort my hair. Enter a solid sea salt spray (my personal preference being Bleach Swamp Spritz) and you can jump out of the shower, spray a few times and let the great outdoors give you natural waves without the effort.

The liner hack
This is a tip I picked up on quite recently but has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. As you have to pack your mascara in your clear bag, why waste space on eye liner when it can double up as one? Simply load up a liner brush, apply a deft cat flick and revel in the long-lasting and pigmented multitasker!

The power powders
Firstly, try and take as many powder based products as you possibly can as these aren't included in your restricted items. Substitute liquid foundation for mineral, and try to leave your favourite cream blush behind in favour of a box blush. Best of all? Mix a touch of powder blush with moisturiser to create a custom lip colour.

The perfect base
If at all possible try and bring along cosmetics that double up in use. I'm all about CC creams as it's a moisturiser, primer, foundation and concealer all in one and I can even apply it with my fingers saving on the extra brush space.

The familiar scent
Want to take your trusty bottle of ChloƩ but don't have the space? Invest in a travel atomiser or two and you can mix up the perfumes you love to wear but just can't afford to have confiscated at security. Another handy alternative is rollerball versions of your favourite brands, easy for popping in your handbag once you reach your destination for a subtle refresh at the arrivals gate.

The balanced palette
MAC quads can be the perfect accompaniment to your makeup bag at the best of times, but they really shine when you have to travel. Mix and match a couple neutral colours with a few brights to take a daytime look to through to the evening.

The multifunctional product
If you're not staying anywhere that will provide shampoo and conditioner, you'll most likely be bringing both along. Cleaning your hair is one thing, but you can use your conditioner as a substitute for shaving cream. Smooth pins, extra bag space. Bonus points if you opt for solid bars that, again, don't have to be placed in your clear bag!

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