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London Fashion Week SS15

LFWSS15-Little-Shilpa-Hair | www.latenightnonsense.com
LFWSS15-Glenis-Baptiste | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Colour-Crush-Nails | www.latenightnonsense.com

A full year has transpired since my last stint at LFW, and this season has seen some of the most creative pieces imaginable. Thanks to The Body Shop, I was able to sit in on a few wonderfully inspiring shows and came away armed with a wealth of fashion tips to push forward into the new year. On top of the collections themselves, I was treated to a wonderfully relaxing manicure by the talented Glenis Baptise. I got to have an in-depth talk with her about her career as a celebrity nail artist and even managed to snag some much needed help for my long-suffering extremities. Glenis buffed and polished my nails to perfection, prepped them with base coat and gave me a beautifully paired design of The Body Shop's own Colour Crush Nail Polish in Minty Amour and Big Smoke. My nails never looked so good!

LFWSS15-Merit-Backstage | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Merit | www.latenightnonsense.com

The Merit Award showcased the eco-friendly vision of design duo Gyo Yuni Kimchoe. Their philosophy of 'Respect of Life and Nature' resulted in a dreamy mix of masculine lines that oozed 'combat', paired with slashes of floral that mirror the couple's policies on the environment and animal cruelty. Smokey eyes and sculptured waves finished the look.

LFWSS15-Kiev-Hair | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Kiev-Floral | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Kiev-Cartoon | www.latenightnonsense.com

Then there was the Kiev Showcase, back for the its fourth appearance at Fashion Scout. Anna K brought a touch of the cartoony, with graphic prints on a-line dresses and dropped waistlines. Anton Belinskiy brought a touch of the trimmed in waist with tied backed tassels cinching in soft latex shirts. Quilted jackets, metallic sandals, and intricate collars were Leonid Zherebtsov loving designs, which were created from sustainable materials that gave a polite nod to the future of wearable fashion. Lera Leshchova used a plethora of fabrics, cut in a graphic style, held together with chain links. Yasya Minochkina went for effortlessly silky patterns and pastel netting overlaid on floral prints. The models were made up simply with a slick, defined low ponytail and the face was kept lightly contoured and made to pop with a pastel pink lip.

LFWSS15-Dora-Abodi-Hair | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Dora-Abodi-Makeup | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Dora-Abodi-Nails | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Dora-Abodi-Horns | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Dora-Abodi-Graphic-Print | www.latenightnonsense.com

Dora Abodi was my favourite show of the day. Up in the picturesque setting of the vestibule, and inspired by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this Transylvanian designer showcased a mix of dark futurism which progressed into flowing feminine gowns. Black mesh, gold lamé, royal blue silk and intricate embroidery featured heavily in all of the designs. Gorgeously grunge, smokey eyes gave off a neo-romantic style and the black, jagged wigs were smoothed down with gel to look super slick.

LFWSS15-Little-Shilpa-Eyelashes | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Little-Shilpa-Tribal-Closeup | www.latenightnonsense.com LFWSS15-Little-Shilpa-Tribal | www.latenightnonsense.com

Last, but by no means least, the Little Shilpa show was hugely tribal inspired, with makeup mimicking feathers across the cheeks with sumptuous tones of yellow, blue and white. The eyes were purple and smokey, smudged to perfection and with lashes that went on for days, while the lips and the rest of the base were kept to a bare minimum. The collection itself saw loose fitting denim dominating the look, with headpieces and accessories vibrant and shimmering in colour and design.

In amongst the Snog frozen yoghurt and jumping in the makeup chair to get yet another Colour Crush Lipstick applied by the wonderful girls at the makeup bar, it's no wonder I felt fit to burst by the end of the day! What did you think of the SS15 trends? What would you adapt to fit your style?

Adrienne | www.latenightnonsense.com

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