Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ilumi: Gluten Free

Ilumi: Gluten Free Lunch | www.latenightnonsense.com

Most people think living gluten free is a lifestyle choice, much akin to those choosing to be vegetarian. For some, this can be true, gluten isn't the most palatable for our digestive systems and can play havoc with our insides but for 1 in 100 people out there, being gluten free isn't a choice, it's a necessity.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Unboxing - August Birchbox + Fabulous Offer

Unboxing: August Birchbox | www.latenightnonsense.com

Birchbox have a summer filled box of goodies in store this month and to make things extra sweet, they've offered you beautiful bunch a fantastic £5 off your first box when you subscribe using the code BBX5LATENIGHT. Simply enter the code when you check out and the £5 will be deducted from your order. Now get your sun lotion packed, pull together a PiƱa Colada, order up your bargain priced beauty box and check out what I thought of these holiday-worthy samples.

Adrienne | www.latenightnonsense.com

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Monday, 18 August 2014

New Look Ultimate Summer Experience

New Look Ultimate Summer Experience: America | www.latenightnonsense.com

The warm weather might seem like a distant memory right now, but it's still the height of summer and time to get thinking about the ultimate summer experience. When New Look got in touch with me to talk about what I'd do for my ideal holiday and then to take a quiz to find out if it matched up, I knew I had to give it a go. I only recently booked my holiday for the year, not actually planning to go anywhere at all. I'll be flying out to Tallahassee, Florida at the end of October until mid November, spending Halloween with some of the wonderful Florida State University people I met this summer in Oxford. It might not be the warmest, but it'll be better than rain in Blighty!