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#OxMeet - Sunday 23rd March

#OxMeet - The Girls |

A couple of weeks ago now, #OxMeet happened. I'd spent months planning, organising brands and finding some wonderful beauty bloggers to attend. The day came, the goody bags were packed, the girls were made up in their best beauty attire and Wagamama was calling our names!

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After a hasty introduction outside the restaurant, we went inside to a table reserved for 20 of us where we got to chow down on some truly tasty food while having a natter about our blogs. The food was a great icebreaker and gave us some time to catch our breath before the jam-packed day ahead, and it was only 2pm by this point! After we'd all paid up and filed out, we did a slightly more formal introduction so that there were no awkward, "what's your name again?" moments.

A brisk walk onto Cornmarket St had us outside Crabtree & Evelyn in no time at all, being greeted by the lovely staff who offered up some seriously lovely treats for all the attendees. While some of the girls were getting their nails painted, others were being shown the glorious products on offer and I thought it the perfect opportunity to start giving out the goody bags. The PR companies and brands had been overly generous and I had to store them at my work before the event to ensure everyone was able to have theirs to take home. I took them in groups of 5 to collect their bags, and there were some truly aghast faces by the size of the bags themselves! The ladies at Crabtree & Evelyn in Oxford were so helpful and really informative, and there were individual bags handed round with hand creams at the end, ideal for popping in the handbag for work.

The Blogger Programme provided bags specially screen-printed for the day, but Parcelforce made a complete error and they didn't end up at my house until the day after through no fault of TBP. Luckily, I've been able to send out bags to all attendees that provided their address and they make such a wonderful keepsake for the event. Thanks guys!

A quick stop off for a coffee in Costa lead to fairly hilarious moments, and a table so huge we had to really squish together to get everyone round. There was passing around of Jo Malone fragrances, admissions of beauty enabled guilt and talk of what was on each others lists. Mine has definitely expanded after that conversation!

At 6pm we were standing outside Lush, being led in by Tilly, the Oxford manager, and finding out we were to be having a Rose themed evening just in time for Spring. There was rose lemonade, lovingly created by Tilly herself with rose essence that she'd tracked down the week before, (what a doll!) and the most stunning vegan rose cupcakes created by Eleanor that looked too good to eat, but tasted as amazing as they looked. There was plenty to keep everyone amused, with Emotional Brilliance colour matching for the makeup range to Skincare consultations that were spot on. Little tester posts of each product from the skincare consultation were added to the lovely goody bag that Lush Oxford provided, meaning you could get a taster for how it was going to work before forking out for the full-size. Utterly impressed! Rose bubble bars, makeup and lots of glitter eggs later and it was time to say our goodbyes.

Thoroughly laughed out and loaded with beauty goodies, #OxMeet came to an end and the overwhelming appreciation from each person that attended made all the hard work and organisation worth it. I want to thank every single beautiful blogger that attended and all the brands and PR people that made the day possible in the first place. I do want to say an extra special thank you to Tamira of The Guilty Girl for helping me stay grounded, offering her assistance and using her muscles to carry the goody bags to my place of work the morning before. It was a struggle, but she kept me smiling and I can't picture the day having gone anywhere near as well without her. I owe you big style my darling! And another little thank you to Sam of Samantha Cher as she gave me the cutest gold necklace as thanks when we first got to Wagamama and it really touched my heart.

More posts to come in the future on the products provided for the goody bags and a little vlog of the day, so stay tuned!


Lush Oxford - Bath Bombs, samples & event
Crabtree & Evelyn Oxford - Hand Cream, samples & event
Neal's Yard Remedies - Various Samples
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Moisture Cream
JWPR - Nair Wax Strips
Soapbox PR - Bronze Ambition Fake Don't Bake Tanning Cream
Mischief PR - St Ives Scrub & Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Travel Razor
Alex Silver PR - Kiss Nail Wraps
Murad - Intensive-C Radiance Peel
Hotel Chocolat - Easter Mini Selection
Amazing PR - Eye of Horus Eyeliner
Beauty Seen PR - Topshop Nail Polish
Aqua PR - W7 Blush & Lipstick
Caudalie - Hand Cream & Lotion
Beauties Factory UK - Lashes & Eyeshadow
Birchbox - March Birchbox
Glossybox - March Glossybox
Talented Talkers - The Body Shop Body Lotion
Media Hubb - Free From Frizz/LDN:SKINS/ColourB4/Nip & Fab/FaceB4
Teapigs - Selection of Teabags
The White Company - Rose Candle
The Blogger Programme - #OxMeet Bags

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