Monday, 21 April 2014

Impulse - Be Surprised

Impulse - Be Surprised |

The last time I bought a can of Impulse I was 14 years old and would use up most of a can in one outing. I've never really been able to shake that image of Impulse being a fragrance for young teenagers, but I have taken to keeping a can on my desk at work for a refresh during the day.

Impulse Be Surprised* is a scent inspired by the orient, the first of its kind for the Impulse range. An exotic mix of violets and red fruits which makes for a fairly musky, deep scent that reminds me of long nights in the summer sun. Top notes of pepper and red fruits with base notes drawing from cedar wood and patchouli. It's the first scent from Impulse that I would happily tote around in my bag on a night out as it's a much more grown up than I would have initially given it credit for. Slightly woody and masculine, this is the kind of fragrance I gravitate toward when choosing a perfume.

Impulse Be Surprised retails at £1.99 as is available in stores nationwide.

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