Friday, 7 March 2014

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

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Thinking back to my younger days, namely school, I wouldn't be without a well crafted bit of eyeliner adorning my top lid. There's just something about perfecting that line with such precision that you don't mind if the rest of your makeup looks wonky or you've applied a touch too much blush. A good liner flick and you're over the moon.

With Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner* £12 I can honestly say that this is made a million miles easier than with most pen tip liners I've tried. I always figured them for the easier of applications, but been met with a messy black, smudged end when I go crawling back to my trusty brush and liquid combination. When this popped up on my doorstep however, I knew it would be something I would come to love. A quick swatch on my hand and the rich, pigmented black got me so excited that I promptly went into the bedroom to apply it. I experience no tugging or pulling, just a nice gliding motion when attempting my line and the black was intense while being fast drying. Nothing worse than applying, sneezing and finding you've got a nice jet black trail of liner all over your face. For those of the feint hearted when it comes to liner, a few well placed dots along the lash line will result in an idiot proof solution to applying; dot-to-dot has never been so useful!

After wearing it all day on Saturday while shopping with Tamira, I was impressed to see that it hadn't budged, faded or flaked off. I then re-applied this for a night out, thickening up my line with relative ease, using the pen at an angle. It's so versatile and has retained a spot in my 'everyday makeup' bag for all the reasons stated above. Can I swoon yet?

Have you tried an eyeliner product that made you go all heart-emoji?

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