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Frugal February | Wantable Makeup Box

Wantable Makeup Box: All | Wantable Makeup Box: La Bella Donna - Baci Baci Lip Sheer in Grappa | Wantable Makeup Box: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel in Clear | Wantable Makeup Box: Color Club in Baldwin Blues | Wantable Makeup Box: Michael Marcus Lipstick in Inviting | Wantable Makeup Box: Starlooks Single Shadow Compact in Matte Sand |

I was contacted a good few months back by Wantable asking if I wanted to be sent a box, but they unfortunately didn't know I was in the UK at the time and weren't able to provide me one. That was, until a few weeks ago when they informed me that the have launchined in the UK! This is exciting news all round as the Wantables concept is a unique one. Upon registration on the site you are required to fill in an in-depth questionnaire (whether it be for makeup, accessories or intimates) that outlines your loves, likes and dislikes of a wide variety of products. Perfect for when you've been disappointed opening a beauty box only to find that half the products aren't to your taste or just don't suit your skin tone! A monthly subscription to Wantable is $36 (around the £23 mark) but you can also order one off boxes for $40 (around £25) if you want to get a feel for the products you'll receive. Everything is full size, from up and coming US brands and values at $80-$100, so you're really getting value for your money!

The first thing I tried was the Le Bella Donna Baci-Baci Lip Sheer in Grappa, a tube with a clickable button to dispense product that is easily applied through a brush on the lids. I adore the look of the gloss itself, but was a little disappointed as I'd actually pointed out in the quiz that I dislike lipgloss.

Next up was a product from Billion Dollar Brows, a clear brow gel which comes in handy for a variety of things. Not only is it great for days when I'm feeling lazy, but it's also perfect for giving your lashes a perk without having to use mascara. Great for the natural beauty look that's all over the runways at the moment!

Receiving a nail polish was nice, and in such a beautiful colour! The Color Club nail polish in Baldwin Blues is a dark teal shade, just what I love to pop on my nails. Three coats and you're good to go but I was applying fairly light strokes when trying it out. The perfect colour for me!

The one lipstick in the pack from Michael Marcus in Inviting was a bit of a shame as I'd said how I don't like shimmer lip products (or sheer for that matter) and this pink would have otherwise been perfect if it hadn't been for the awful shimmer running through the entire product. Other than the shade, the consistency is creamy, fairly long wearing for the type and nicely pigmented.

The last product, Starlooks Single Shadow Compact, is a gorgeous eyeshadow in Matte Sand. Soft, light and the ideal nude colour. I've taken to popping this on as an eyeshadow base to get rid of any veins or redness that threaten a daring eye look. It could even be used a touch up powder in a pinch, so I'm quite taken with this one.

My one main issue with the Wantable box was that on my invoice (which outlines what you love, like and dislike), both of my dislikes were products I either said I loved or liked. So I ended up having types of products I quite liked not even becoming part of the selection process. I think if the kinks in the quiz could be ironed out, I'd be even happier! Fortunately, if you don't like what's been picked out for you, Wantable has a wonderful returns policy, meaning you'll get a full refund if you're not completely satisfied! I'd love to try their accessories box and the intimates box also seems like a wonderful idea for the price.

What do you think about the Wantable Box concept? What would you go for?

UPDATE: Due to a computer error, a select few people received items from their dislike list. This was an unfortunate accident and Wantable are sending out 2 replacement products from my love/like list. Customer service is fab!

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  1. The refund policy is good! Love the sound of the single shadow compact! Lovely pics x

  2. Oooo sounds really interesting! As per your pictures are lovely! Love the look of the lippy!

  3. So tempted to get a one off box just to see what it is like! Valentines day is coming up, may have to start hinting really loudly haha. Great little post, really makes me want to try it all :) x

  4. I really like the idea of a more customised box - like you said if they could iron out the likes/dislikes it would be perfect. I'm also intrigued by the fact they do accessories and lingerie too. Keen to try it out! Lovely photos as per usual :)
    S xx

  5. Sounds like a good concept, let's see if they iron out the issues :)



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