Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Frugal February | Mid-Week Manicure

Mid-Week Manicure: Valentine's Day |

As you may have noted, my Valentine's themed post have all been a little edgier, somewhat on the single ladies side and definitely not pink and gooey. It's with this in mind that I wanted to carry on for one more post before V-Day comes knocking and do a quick mid-week manicure to complete the look. These are 'Not-so-Fluffy' Valentine's Nails!

I like my nails short, but if you prefer yours longer, file them into a nice 'squoval' shape to make the last step a little easier. Grab your base coat of choice start with: you're going to need this to stop anything staining from the red and to help the colour last longer. For the red I've gone for Nails Inc Tate, which is a beautifully deep berry red that's sure to look sophisticated rather than gushy. A coat or two to you'r desired opacity and then it's time to pick up a black nail varnish or nail art pen. As the nib is small, I like to use the Models Own WAH Nails pen and I can create a nice thin line along the end of the nail. We're going for French manicure, but leaving the middle nail free. Then, pop two dots close together on the centre of the middle nail, and join them up at the ends to create a small heart. Pop on a top coat, and you've got nails that catwalk models will envy!

What colour are you adorning your nails with on Friday?

Adrienne |

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  1. I was going to go for a coral pink but I really want to try this now, I'm loving the edgier content you've been doing for v day you have such good taste :p x


  2. I was thinking of being really none traditional and having my nails blue... You know, just 'cause. Cute post - your nails look so pretty x

  3. Gorgeous nails, love that they aren't valentines <3

  4. This is such a gorgeous look, it's simple but so much more gorgeous and classy than anything I could have planned!

  5. such a simple yet beautiful design!


  6. Squoval nails are such a good shape. Love this little look Adrienne, my nails are currently painted in Essie Fiji for pale pink take on Valentine's! (:

  7. Tate is such a pretty colour, perfect for Valentines, I'm loving Essie Bordeax :)
    Daniella x

  8. I love how these are Valentine's inspired but not in your face! I did something similar (though they've already chipped with swimming) with a red color and light pink dots on my ring finger.
    Lovely Notions

  9. I love these and how they are not pink aha :!)

    BerrieBlogs - Beauty Blog x

  10. Love this manicure! So cute without being cutesy

  11. That Nails Inc red shade is gorgeous, very vibrant!

  12. Ohhh nails be looking lovely. I like the different look for the Valentine's nails
    LaaLaa xo | Dolce Vanity


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