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January Birchbox 2014

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The lovely individuals at Birchbox got in contact recently to see if I wanted to try out their beauty box subscription service. As anyone that reads my blog knows, I'm picky when it comes to beauty boxes and have fairly high expectations. So what did I think of this offering?

Birchbox has such a great design aesthetic that, as a Senior Designer, I can't help but fawn over the box alone. Upon opening, the first thing I noticed was the card detailing what was in the box and an introduction for 2014. There's also a little book of manageable, bite size resolutions which I found to be a lovely touch. I opened this box fairly late at night with my bedroom lights on, and I found it quite difficult to distinguish the yellow from the white. This is always a problem designers face when printing yellow, but I was actually quite shocked at how little I could make out. There's some key call to actions that appear in yellow and it was all lost to me until the morning after.

After delving into the main content of the January Birchbox*, I was quite surprised to find that the products were only separated by a little bit of tissue paper. Not a massive concern, but products have been known to leak and break, so the packaging seemed a little off. When it comes to the products themselves, though?

Having another travel sized Benefit The Porefessional is also going to be a welcome sight to any beauty blogger worth her mustard. I use this every so often and it keeps my makeup in place hours longer while reducing my pores. It glides on like silk and is a great little sample to have in the set! Another big brand name belonged to Philip Kingsley, which showcases a little tube of their Moisture Balancing Conditioner. After greedily using up my can of the One More Day Dry Shampoo I've been aching to get my hands on some more products before I part with the big bucks. The conditioner is meant for medium textured, wavy or dyed hair which I think I tick a few of the boxes for, so go into my next hair washing with an optimistic outlook. The brightest of all the samples is the Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser which made my mouth open aghast when I saw the price of the full size tube. I'd expect this to turn my skin to gold for £150, but I am quite excited to try this due to the stem cells that are present in the formula, just not entirely happy with the premise. Seems like quite a controversial topic… The Vasanti Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleaner looks a little cheap to me, but claims to wash away toxins and makeup. I'm always up for trying new skincare products, which I hope blows me away as the packaging is so poor. I also felt this was the case for Premae Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil, but my skin is crying out for some hydration are a particularly dry winter. The lovely addition of a packet of Miso soup from Itsu was a nice surprise, I do love Miso soup and at 42 calories, so should everyone else!

I'm looking forward to properly trying out all of these products in the near future, and hopefully taking a leap of faith on some of them if they live up to expectations. I have been impressed with the big names like Benefit and Philip Kingsley in there, and being introduced to brands I've never heard of which is the way we can really scale the breadth of the beauty blogging world. One or two full size products within the box might be a nice addition in future boxes, but that's just me trying to damage control my sample collection. Happy Birthday Birchbox, let's hope 2014 is a good one!

A Birchbox subscription is £12.95 per month (including P&P) on a rolling basis but they also offer 3 month , 6 month and yearly subscriptions. Great if you like to try new products that you might otherwise have missed or can't decide if you truly want to invest. Do you have a Birchbox subscription? What do you think of this months samples?

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  1. I've been really tempted to try Birchbox or Glossy box but I'm definitely leaning towards Birchbox now! I adore Benefit's Porefessional, definitely the best primer around!

  2. Looks like you received some really nice products. Looking forward to full reviews, especially on the £150 Bee Venom Moisturiser, eekkk!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. You got so many amazing products! I've heard so many people rave about the Porefessional xx
    Elise //

  4. I've been recommended Birchbox by so many people and this year I may actually give the subscription a try! Monthly beauty bits without feeling guilty splashing out on full sized bottles and the opportunity to try out new products? I'm in.

    Vickie xx | vickieblogs

  5. This actually looks like a really cool gift box! I've seen quite a few of them before but I really don't like the products inside. However, this one actually looks like something I would love to receive! ^_^

  6. This box actually looks really lovely. Wish we had a box like this in the Netherlands. x

  7. This is an interesting selection of products. It's too bad that Birchbox doesn't ship to Canada. :(
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. That Bee Venom better give you the skin of an infant for that price. I look forward to hearing about it perhaps?

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

  9. I used to have a Birchbox subscription, but I ended it because they sent me products I didn't enjoy sampling. It looks as if they've changed their packaging a little and their contents (it's a good thing!) The miso soup was a little random, but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

  10. I wasn't wildly impressed with this box...I love the Benefit Porefessional, and to be fair if I didn't already own it I probably would've been more excited ,but nothing else has really wowed me this month xx
    The perks of being a hipster - Victoria’s Secrets Giveaway!

  11. Wow, the stuff looks great! Definitely better than the Glossybox...

    alex @

  12. Quite an interesting box! I tried the noodles of Itsu and I had one mouthful and I put it into the bin... I hope your miso soup fares better :)

    Danniella x |


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