Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Leith x Warby Parker

Leith x Warby Parker: Wednesday Sun Aurora Optical | www.latenightnonsense.com Leith x Warby Parker: Leith Clark & Zoe Kazan | www.latenightnonsense.com

Waking up to an email from one of my favourite companies on the planet doesn't happen very often, but seeing Warby Parker in my inbox made me squeal a little in delight. Having fawned over their glasses range for years, and been more than a tad obsessed over the design of their website and other materials, it was clear to me this was going to be a match made in heaven from the outset.

Leith x Warby Parker: Aurora Optical Daughter of Pearl & Marva Optical Cobalt Leaf | www.latenightnonsense.com Leith x Warby Parker: Wednesday Sun Noir & Willow Optical Aldabra | www.latenightnonsense.com Leith x Warby Parker: Greta Sun Crystal | www.latenightnonsense.com

Warby Parker have teamed up with the hugely talented Leith Clark (Stylist to the stars for the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Keira Knightley) to create a set of five gorgeous frames available in both optical and sunwear. Marva, Greta, Aurora, Wednesday and Willow are all inspired by smart-looking and smart-thinking individualists. Think nerdy girls, receptionists and librarians. The collection embodies whimsy and charm in stunning Cobalt Leaf, Noir, Aldabra, Daughter of Pearl and Crystal. I'm particularly drawn to Aurora, with it's rimless lenses and keyhole bridge that screams vintage in it's purest form, just the kind of frame I adore!

"Like the 1960s, librarians, nerdy girls. I like glasses you had when you were a kid—or that your dad wore when you were a kid—and wearing them now.
I like Bergman. Big thick glasses on a little, tiny face. When there are etchings or engravings or magically-made materials.
I like pearls, brass, opera glasses. Everything being all violet.
I like seeing the world with 
a pretty pink tint to it."

-Leith Clark

For every pair sold, a second pair is given to someone in need. This is the perfect time to spread a little joy to those deserving while being able to treat yourself to the sleekest in optical fashion. A percentage of each sale also goes to Girl Up, a campaign raising awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities to girls all across the globe.

You can snap up these delightful frames from today, both online and in store for $145/£90 each.


  1. How beautiful! And I love that every pair sold one goes to someone in need.
    xo TJ


  2. Oooo I like these! Nice concept too!


  3. Marva and Willow are my are my favorite! I may have to order Marva since I need a new pair of glasses anyway! xx


    1. Did you get the Marva set? Would love to see them on!


  4. Replies
    1. I think I'd like one in all the colours. :)



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