Sunday, 9 June 2013

American Discoveries: Maybelline Baby Lips & Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm & Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer |

I confess, I've had the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm and Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer for about a year now. Now I finally have an outlet to gush about these beautiful products from across the pond!

My first purchase was Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer after my friend Megan, of Little Miss Average, lent me a touch before going out to a gig. I was so surprised when, not only did it not budge, but I only had to use the smallest amount. The appeal of this particular concealer is that it's so highly pigmented that it can cover tattoos, so you can imagine what wonders it can do for the bags under your eyes! I got this in the lightest shade I could get my hands on as there were only three at the time, which has now expanded to five and the middle shade was slightly too dark. When I eventually go back stateside, I'll be picking up another shade to mix and create the perfect colour. As far as concealers go it's slightly more difficult to blend than a basic drugstore version, but the results are worth the extra effort. You can pick this up in Walmart for around £3.94/$6.

Now on to the infamous Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm. I had no idea this was going to be such a cult product when I picked it up for a few dollars in a drugstore around the corner from where Megan lives. I had money burning in my pocket and a need for something to protect my lips from the 30+ degree weather. July in the South is definitely not kind to my skin! I was drawn to the packaging, those big brushed letters on a clashing coloured case would look perfect in my makeup bag. The flavour I originally wanted was Peach Kiss, but ended up purchasing Grape Vine, a fantastically rich and creamy formula that genuinely smells of grapes. I'm glad I went for this as I can't get enough of the scent and the slight purple tint it gives off adds a pop to otherwise colourless lips. The moisturising effect is almost instant, helping any and all dry skin disappear, which is a nice change to having to exfoliate which can be more of a hinderance. The claims are that this lasts a full 8 hours, but I've yet to truly test it because I'm constantly reapplying for love of the smell and the colour. After a few weeks of using this nonstop I noticed a massive improvement in the texture of my lips, which is no easy feat for anyone that knows me. I suffer from hugely dried out lips and am on the constant look out for something to combat it so Maybelline's Baby Lips is somewhat of a holy grail for me. I usually use this after moisturising and before applying any other lip products, but on lazier days I'll use this alone for an effortless summer look.

Currently there is no official release date for Maybelline's Baby Lips in UK stores, but an estimate of July seems to be floating round. I, for one, will be nabbing a few more of these for the upcoming summer months to keep my lips in the best condition possible. If you can't wait and can get to a Target they are around £1.96/$2.99 per tube.


  1. Aw, yay! Glad to see you reviewing the stuff you bought when you were over here with me last year! Went in to Target today to pick a few new products up and thought of you the whole time!

    I'm so glad you love the Hard Candy Glamoflauge! It is still my go-to concealer and I'm so impressed with it! It's a bit dark for me, but with a good blend and a quick press of some lighter powder you can't tell at all! And it has such good staying power! If you want, I'll pick you up a couple of shades and send them over!

    I'm not as impressed with the Baby Lips as everyone else is, but I'm starting to wonder if mine is a bit faulty. I have the Grape Vine, too, and it smells a bit off. Almost like old lipstick. And when I wear it my lips seem to dry out even more! Might need to pick up another one just to make sure as I still haven't found a good go-to lip balm. I have a couple waiting around to be tried, but I'm always up for suggestions!

    Ah, this post just made me miss you all the more! So ready for us to be back together! xx

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

    1. It's just such a good concealer, if a little on the drying side. I need to make sure that my skin is super moisturised before applying, but it's always good practise! I reckon I could do with the shade light than 'Light' and the shade darker than 'Light', that way I can highlight and contour.

      To be honest, there's nothing that miraculous about Baby Lips, at the end of the day it's still just a lip balm. I think it's perseverance with this, after I'd been using it a few days I just found the skin on my lips a lot softer. I think I'm drawn more to the packaging than anything else. Is there a peach in this? If there is, I need it!

      I know, I need you over here ASAP!



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